שמש צדקה  | Shemesh Tzedekah || Koresh | כורש

בכור שורו הדר לו
וקרני ראם קרניו
בהם עמים ינגח יחדו
והם רבבות אפרים
והם אלפי מנשה

Canis Major Army

1st Verse
A Mystery that only a few will get to see
The end of history and all its misery
You won’t miss this reality
I was sent, here’s the delivery
Understand, get liberty
Be part of the nobility
Time to eat the Fruit of the Tree
Love Is For Everybody
Become who we’re supposed to be
Finally Free
After three years of Ministry
For the Testimony
A test and the end of money
Destiny will lead all to bow the knee
Before the Almighty
After the ceremony

Chorus x2
The Ox
To Detox
Take you out the box
Go and tell the fox
The Ox
To Detox
Take you out the box
Go and tell the fox

2nd Verse
By the Equinox I end the talks
Everyone who walks away will hide below the rocks
Those who walk the Way
Time for the Exodus
Exit this tent of dust
A paradox, once they know is us
Then Jesus will appear when Satan drops
Get into all the nots, the rats
A virus, blame the bats
Put the arm, get the jabs
Now you armed with nano-bots
That’s why they will hate my guts
Cause I tell the truth with no remorse
Yahushúa not the Horse
Yahwéh will close the doors
You won’t find salvation in the stores
When they bring the Mark by force
Is better to die of course
Many will die off course
The Few will multiply like spores
See how the eagle soars going to the source

Chorus x2
The Ox
To Detox
Take you out the box
Go and tell the fox
The Ox
To Detox
Take you out the box
Go and tell the fox


3rd Verse
La Serpiente envenenó la mente de la gente
Con una doctrina completamente diferente
They were given bull
So they cannot see the Bull
That will rule and crush every fool
Bring Satan down to the stool
Make the whole accusation null
After אלול, make the תורה full
During יום כיפור
While they’re still in shul
Others prepare for Yule
Reject Shaul in the last גילגול
The Last will check the wool
Any wolf will be used like fuel
For every molecule eternal ridicule
Your power minuscule
You will end up in a pool of fire
Now that’s cool
-בכור שורו-
יכין and בעז
First and Last
Bringing an end to the present and past
With the last trumpet blast
The Few and the Many will enter the kingdom of heave
During the seventh be over with all of the leaven
Get rid of the rebels in HarMeggidon
After the wedding of the אדון con la Congregación
Trayendo la unión y la paz para toda nación
Traer el fin para la revelación
Al fuego echar Abominación, Hijo de Perdición
Con la Gran Ramera, madre de la confusión
De toda religión una fusión, para engañar con ilusión
Strong, to lose ציון
So like a thief comes the Prodigal Son
As from Edom
Make the dumb grow Wisdom
With the Capstone
חן חן לה
יהושע המשיח בן יהודה
Son of Leah
Esto es para aquel que lea lo que dice la Escritura
Ya viene el juicio de toda criatura
Yahwéh viene hacer a la tierra pura
Fe es la cura, pero la culebra le dará una vacuna
Muerte y control lo que procura
Por lo que dice que es locura no usar cobertura en la cara
Ya está la marca y aun de gratis les saldrá cara
Están ciegos no ven la vara de hierro así que nadie me para
Por eso viene el fuego

Porque ya es demasiado eL ego
De aquel que ha armado el juego
De Satán, ya viene el relevo
The Lamb pagó lo que debo
The Ox, Opposite of Nebo
Is like a firstborn bull,
And his horns like the horns of the wild ox

Together with them, He shall push the peoples
To the ends of the earth – Deuteronomy 33:17

4th Verse
The Many and the Few are the Two
Who will enter into Yerushalaim the New
Who remain true
No matter who are you
Canis Major the Crew
For the Hebrew
Come and taste this brew
Made with dew
מן יהו
Eternally true
The Branch just grew
The fruit are those He knew
Way before creation itself  was through
Now the end is in view
What will you do?
Es demasiado claro, no se aprende en la U
Solo lo enseña el espíritu de verdad y no el que tienes tu
Haciendo un alboroto desde el púlpito
Para hacer palpitar el corazón del público
Pero Escritura nunca predicó
Es verídico, hacen el ridículo hablando de solo un versículo
No ven el gran obstáculo en su tabernáculo
Su iglesia un espectáculo
Esta vida su pináculo

Bridge x2
The Ox
To Detox
Take you out the box
Go and tell the fox

5th Verse
The Good Shepherd coming for the flock
Giving understanding to the block
The Hand that holds the Rock
El David que matará a Goliat
The Voice that calls the shot
The Son of Man who will kill God
With the bow let him drop
Take his spot
Throw him in a place that’s hot
Take his lot
Let him rot in the bottom of the pot
Tree of Knowledge of Who is and who is not
These days, like the days of Lot
They cannot understand the סוד
So I will hit ’em with the rod
Right when I bud
The enemy I will cut
Thrown him from the hut
Down to the gut of the Earth
With every nut
Every eye is shut Spiritually
But physically, they will see
The idol worshipped by everybody
Accepting the Lie automatically
For not knowing the prophecy you will miss the נביא
Make straight the way for the King
He’s here to awaken the Earth
But some will not want to waken
They’re in love with the dark
I wonder which one you’ll be