3.3. Pergamos: [Evangelicals] (Rev.2:12-17)
In the category represented by this congregation there are many of the “Christian” denominations that know the Name Yahweh but still use the word God, so without knowing it they make altars (High Places) for Satan, as Yahweh describes in the message to this kehila, since geographically speaking, Pergamos was located in what is now known as Turkey, and at the time the Revelation was written, it was the location for the main altar of Zeus, name that with the passing of time became the title “Theos”, meaning “God”, as in Theology (“The Study of God), which is what the Scripture in this letter calls Satan, a title that in English means “Enemy” or “Adversary.”

Revelation 2:12-17 [Venus] (1st of Sukkot) {2nd Exodus}
“And to the angel of the congregation in Pergamos [“High Place”] write,
These things says He who has the sharp two-edged sword: “I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s [Zeus=Theos] throne is. And you hold fast to My Name [Yahweh], and did not deny My faith even in the days in which Antipas [“instead of the Father”] was My faithful martyr, who was killed among you, where Satan [Zeus=Theos] dwells. But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the doctrine of Bilaam [“not of the people”], who taught Balak [“devastator/void/empty”] to put a stumbling block before the children of Yisrael, to eat things sacrificed to idols [to believe doctrines of demons], and to commit fornication [idolatry]. Thus you also have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans [“Those who destroy the people”], which thing I hate. Repent, or else I will come to you quickly and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth. “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the congregations. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.” ’

Key points about Pergamos:

    • They dwell where the Throne of Satan is. (Zeus = God)
    • They know the Name of the Father, but not of the Son, though they believe in Him.
    • They hold the doctrine of Bilaam (the False Prophet, who teaches lies and idolatry).
    • They hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans (Priests that destroy the People).
    • During the 2nd Manifestation, Yahweh fights against them with the Word.
    • He who overcomes will be given eternal life and a new name when resurrected.

3.3.1. Satan’s Throne = Altar of Zeus [God] 

The altar of Zeus in Pergamos, which the Scripture mentions in this letter, was erected by the Greek king Eumenes II (197-159 A.M.), in memory of his father, Attalus I. This temple was not only dedicated to Zeus, but also to Athena, the goddess of war and the arts, of justice and skill, wisdom and strategy, who became the “patron and protector” of Pergamum and was originally represented by Venus, the planet that symbolizes this congregation. In the 19th century, Carl Humann, a German engineer, architect and archaeologist, discovered the altar and with the permission of the Ottoman Empire, began its excavation in 1878. At the end, he moved it to Berlin, where it was rebuilt as the main part of the Pergamon Museum, along with other structures, such as the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. From the second century before Mashiach, when the temple was originally built in Pergamum, until approximately 330 after Mashiach, it was customary to offer human sacrifices for Zeus and Athena on the altar, the most relevant of them, that of the Faithful Witness Antipas, mentioned in the message to this kehila.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany and in 1934 he became a dictator, at which point he ordered the construction of a podium in the Zeppelin camp of Nuremberg, to declare it the city of the Third Reich Party Congresses. The architect, Albert Speer, used the Altar of Pergamum as a model for the Third Reich Tribune in Zeppelin, with a Pulpit in the center for the “Führer”, which was built between 1934 and 1937. Thus, Hitler indicated that he was the representative of Zeus (Satan) on Earth, having chosen a replica of the altar as his podium, becoming a vessel for the spirit of the Enemy, in the same way that Barack Obama ordered to build in Denver Colorado, USA, a copy of the Altar of Zeus (Satan), to receive the nomination for the presidency, by the Democratic party, in 2008. In addition, that same year, while doing his campaign, Barack Obama traveled and gave a speech from Berlin, where the Throne of Zeus is currently, and then returned later in his presidency in 2013.

3.3.2. Antipas, the Faithful Witness.

According to the traditional story, Antipas was a Martyr who took out so many demons from people and places, that they complained to the heathen and ordered them to do something about it. The priests of these false-elohim, appeared before the Roman governor to inform him that the prayers of Antipas led their spirits out of the city and hindered the worship of their gods.

As punishment, this preacher of the good news was ordered to offer a sacrifice of wine and incense to the statue of the Roman emperor and declare he was his “Lord and God” (“Baal and Zeus”); an offering that Antipas clearly refused to carry out, which was reason enough to have him killed, since this rejection was equivalent to the repudiation of the city of Rome, so he was sentenced to die on the Altar of Zeus (God), as a sacrifice to Satan. This sacrifice was performed by placing the victim inside a metallic ox, in which they would tie the person in such a way that his head would be inside the head of the bull, at which point they would start a great fire under it, which heated the brass and would slowly roast the person inside, until killing him. Since the person would begin to moan and scream in pain, the cries were echoed through the pipes in the bull’s head, so it would seem to come alive. It is said that when Antipas was warned that the whole world was against him, Antipas replied: “Then I am against the whole world!” (Mr.10:22, 24:9, Mr.13:13, Lk.21:17).

The name of Antipas, whom Yahweh calls “Faithful Witness” (Rev.2:13), means “instead of the Father”, which makes reference to the Witness like Moshe, as the 2nd Manifestation of Mashiach, who is also called on two other occasions “Faithful Witness” (Rev.1:5, 3:14). The name of this Martyr (“Instead of the Father”) shows how the Prophet like Moshe will represent the Almighty Father before creation, for eternity, since the First came as the Son and the Last will manifest as the Father (Lk.8:21, Jn.14:18). In addition to the fact that during the 1st coming, the world rejected both Yahweh and his Son Yahushua, and it will also happen in the 2nd manifestation, which is why Yahushua, the First, will remain in Heaven and will never be seen by the world again, for only for the chosen few will have such privilege (Jn.14:19). This is why the Almighty sends the Last to reign with an iron rod over the nations (Ps.2:8-9, Rev.2:26-28, 12:5, 19:15), so that he becomes the Throne of Yahweh and the Lamb on Earth (Rev.22:1-3).

Notice how Antipas was killed inside a brass ox though fire, just as the Witness like Moshe, who is represented by a ox, will be killed with fire that descends from the sky, by the Christians, who are represented by the Greeks, whose empire is symbolized in the book of Daniel by brass, a relationship that is mainly due to the Hellenistic doctrines of these churches and their use of Greek names and titles. Another important connection is the fact that the death of the Witness is a reflection of the atonement for the Apostasy, which has manifested itself as the worship of the “Lord” (Baal) by believers during the last two millennia, after Yahushua took us out of slavery to sin. This was represented by the Golden Calf, when Yisrael came out of slavery in Egypt, for Baal (“Lord”) is the Calf, and the 40 years that Yisrael spent in the Desert, after having sacrificed the Lamb in Egypt, symbolize the 40 Jubilees (2000 Years) that the congregation has spent in the Apostasy, since the sacrifice of Messiah Yahushua, the Lamb of Yahweh.

Antipas [“Instead of the Father”]: the 2nd Manifestation of Mashiach, the Witness like Moshe.

The message to the congregation in Pergamos declares that this Witness will be killed where Satan (God) dwells; therefore, by following the order of the messages up to this point, we discover that the 1st letter, to Ephesus, identifies those who will apprehend the 2 Witnesses, such as those who worship Mary and follow the “Pope”; while the letter to Smyrna (Myrrh) references the 10 Days that the Witnesses will be imprisoned before being sacrificed; continuing now with the message to Pergamos, in which their death is mentioned in the past tense and confirms that it will happen where Satan (Zeus) dwells, who is the mighty one of this world, besides mentioning Balak and Bilaam, who are examples of the 2 Beasts that conspire to kill them.

3.3.3. Balac & Bilaam.

The name of Balak (בלק), who hired Bilaam to curse Yisrael (Num.22-24), translates as “Devastator” or “Void”, which refers to what the World Leader will provoke, by manifesting on Earth during the 2nd Seal as the Beast of the Sea (Nations), to cause destruction and death through World War III, which will finally leave the Earth again “without form and void” (Jr.4:23), to eventually give way to the new Heavens and the new Earth (Is.65:17, 66:22, 2Pe.3:13, Rev.21:1).

In Hebrew, the name Bilaam (בלעם) means “Not of the People”, however, because of the way it is written, it can also be interpreted as “Lord of the People” (בלעם), which is appropriate, since he represents every prophet who does not belong to the chosen people (Yisrael), but who at the same time becomes Lord (Baal) of those who follow him, who turn away from the true Elohim, to become servants of Baal, the Lord. Therefore, this mainly symbolizes the Religious Leader of the end times, the False Prophet, who will deceive the churches under his care.

It is interesting that Balak is a reflection of the 1st Beast, who represents Samael, the 1st Angel and Leader to be created, and 1st to have fallen from the favor of Yahweh, so he devastated what had been formed so far, and in this way he left the Earth empty and without form, as it was at the beginning of this creation (Gen.1:2). On the other hand, Bilaam symbolizes the 2nd Beast, a leader who will be under the control of Heilel, the 2nd Angel to fall from the favor of Yahweh, who is worshiped in this reality as the Lord (Baal).

Balac Bilaam
“Devastator”/“Empty” “Not of the People”
The 1st Beast The 2nd Beast
The World Leader The False Prophet
Rev.13:1-10 Rev.13:11-18

3.3.4. Doctrine: “Evangelical” 

In a spiritual sense, the message to Pergamos indicates that Satan has his throne in the churches that know the Name of the Almighty but do not give it the importance it deserves, for not understanding its purity and power, which is why they do not use it or simply mix it with names and titles that describe the enemy, for which Yahweh promises, to those who repent and overcome the doctrine of Pergamos, to give them a new name, which only those who receive it will know; that is, a new name and a new person, instead of “Jehovah” and “Jesus.” This replacement was represented in Scripture by Seth and Yaakov, whose names mean “Substitute” and “Supplanter” respectively, to represent the Last, the 2nd manifestation of Mashiach, as well as Hebel (“Abel”) and Yitzhak (“Isaac”) are reflections of Yahushua, the First. This is one of the reasons why the Messiah declared to his Disciples, the 12 who were Chosen, that they will see him again, while the world will see him no more (Jn.14:19), since only Philadelphia, the kehila that describes the Chosen Few, will accept and confess the Name of Yahweh and His Word Yahushua as Sovereign, so they will be the only ones able to see the First, while the rest of humanity will only see the Last, which is why the Prophet like Moshe is symbolized by Antipas, the Faithful Witness, for his name means instead of the Father.”

Most Christian denominations are represented by the description of the congregation in Pergamos, so it follows that this congregation is that of believers who continue to pray to God (Zeus), preaching of the Lord (Baal) and following prophets who use their gift for their own benefit as Bilaam, who represents the False Prophet. Therefore, it can even be said that they are Christians who, although they do not call themselves Catholics, accept the “Pope” as a leader, believers who do not feel as separated from the Catholic religion as in the beginning, when they were called Protestants, but today instead call themselves simply Evangelicals.

A relevant fact in the message to Pergamos is that Christians believe that the 2nd coming will be a mere celestial event, in which the Messiah will not touch the Earth and the believers will disappear in an instant, however, Yahweh specifically says that he will manifest on Earth before the end, to fight, through His teaching, against these congregations that do not repent of their false doctrines, telling Pergamos: “I will come to you quickly and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth.” This action, of course, could not be achieved if he only appeared in the sky for a moment, when those who overcome are being harvested; so instead it reveals that during His 2nd coming he will appear in these congregations, to destroy, with the truth of Scripture, all the doctrines of demons that Christians defend today.

3.3.5. Meaning of Pergamos: “High Place”

The meaning of the name of this congregation refers to the majority of Christian denominations today, which build as many churches as possible, to call them temples and altars and fill them with people, in order to offer their lives in worship of God (Zeus = Satan), through false doctrines, wrong names and idols. By doing this, they raise High Places to worship false elohim, as Yisrael did repeatedly. (Lv.26:30, Nm.33:51-52, Dt.33:29, 1K13:1-2, 14:22-23, 2Kg17:9-12, 17:29, 21:3, 23:19-20, 2Ch.11:15, 14:2-4, 17:6, 21:11, 28:23, 34:3-4, Ps.78:56-58, Jr.19:5, Ez. 6:2-4, 16:15-25)

Numbers 22:41
So it was, the next day, that Balak [“the Devastator”] took Bilaam [“Not of the People”] and brought him up [Allah] to the high places of Baal [550], that from there he might observe the extent of the people.

Here we have a verse that is key in order to understand this point, since the first place to which Bilaam goes, trying to curse Yisrael by order of Balak, was called Bamot-Baal and it means: “High Places of the Lord”; which directly connects with the name of the congregation in Pergamos, whose letter mentions both: Balak and Bilaam. The way in which the verse is written, shows how Samael, the Devastator, sought Heilel, the “Lord of the People”, seeking to destroy the Chosen through the high places of the Lord.

It is interesting that if we take into account the Hebrew pronunciation of the word that is translated as “Brought him up”, this verse can also be interpreted as: “The Devastator, who is not of the People, is Allah, the Lord of the Altars”. In addition, another important detail is that the numerical value of the name Bamot-Baal, which in some way can be seen as the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek word “Pergamos”, is 550, which is the same numerical value of the word “Dragons”, used in Deuteronomy; which shows us that those who are worshiped through these high places are Dragons, that is, Fallen Angels, Demons and Evil Spirits.

Deuteronomio 32:33
Their wine is the poison of Dragons [550],
And the cruel venom of cobras.

The wine of fornication of the Harlot is idolatry, which is the poison of the Dragon, and those who worship God and the Lord drink of it, through their High Places; like stumbling blocks encouraged by Bilaam, the False Prophet and representative of the Great Whore, in the same way that the ‘Pope’ is the representative of the Catholic church and promotes idolatry.

Numbers 23:1-8
Then Bilaam [False Prophet] said to Balak [World Leader], “Build seven altars [Churches] for me here, and prepare for me here seven bulls and seven rams.”
And Balak did just as Bilaam had spoken, and Balak [1st Beast] and Bilaam [2nd Beast] offered a bull [Witness like Moshe] and a ram [Witness like EliYahu] on each altar.
Then Bilaam said to Balak, “Stand by your burnt offering, and I will go; perhaps Yahweh will come to meet me, and whatever He shows me I will tell you.”
So he went to a desolate height. And Elohim met Bilaam, and he said to Him, “I have prepared the seven altars, and I have offered on each altar a bull and a ram.”
Then Yahweh put a word in Bilaam’s mouth, and said, “Return to Balak, and thus you shall speak.” So he returned to him, and there he was, standing by his burnt offering, he and all the princes of Moab [“of his father”].
And Bilaam took up his prophecy and said:
“Balak [“Devastator”] the king of Moab [“of his father”] has brought me from Aram [“Exalted”], from the mountains of the east. ‘Come, curse Yaakov [“Suplanter”] for me, and come, denounce Yisrael [“He who will rule as Mighty One”]!’ “How shall I curse whom Elohim has not cursed? And how shall I denounce whom Yahweh has not denounced?

Continuing with the story of the book of Numbers, we see that Bilaam asks for 7 altars, 7 bulls and 7 rams, to represent the 7 Kehilot, the last 7 years and the 7th month, in which the ram‘s horn sounds and when the last feasts are to be fulfilled, as well as the 7th trumpet, in which the Transformation will take place.

In the assembly of Yom Kippur, the Witness like Moshe is represented by a Bull, while the Witness like EliYahu by a Ram, animals that were offered as atonement and offering respectively (Lev.16:5-6). Interestingly, these same animals were the ones that Bilaam asked to sacrifice, in his opinion, in order to please Yahweh, hoping that the Almighty would allow him to curse Yisrael. This shows us how the 2 Beasts of Revelation 13 will seek to curse the chosen congregation, by killing the 2 Witnesses, in order to please the Lord (Baal).

Part of the prophecy uttered by Bilaam (“Lord the People”) can be interpreted through the meanings of the names mentioned, as Heilel (“Lucifer”) stating: “From the Exalted (2nd Heaven) the Devastator (Samael) of the Father brought me”, saying “Come, curse the Supplanter (the Last) for me, and come, denounce the One Who Will Reign as Elohim”; which refers to how Samael, who is looking for someone to devour (1Pe.5: 8), called his son Heilel (“Lucifer”), who was initially in an exalted place (2nd Heaven), hoping to destroy Mashiach, First and Last, who will take his place to reign on Earth as Elohim.

Balak was king of Moab, name that means: “of his Father”, since the founder of this land was a son of incest (Gn.19:30-37), which refers to every person who behaves as the Pharisees, to whom Yahushua said: “You are of your father the Devil, and the desires of your father you want to do” (Jn.8:44). This relationship between Moab and the spiritual Pharisees is confirmed by the fact that Moab was the son of Lot, name that means “cover” or “veil”, while in the book of Yechezkel (“Ezekiel”) we find that Yahweh calls Satan: “the anointed cherub who covers (Ez.28:14). This means that the Enemy is a veil that interferes in the interaction between man and the Almighty (Is.25:6-8, 29:9-11). First, Samael is symbolized by the veil (מסוה) that Moshe used to cover his face, representing the veil of the flesh, which does not allow men to see the Almighty directly and is torn with death or in the transformation of the elect. On the other hand, Heilel is represented by the veil (מסך) at the entrance of the Temple, which torn when Yahushua HaMashiach died; unlike what is commonly taught (that it was the veil of the Most Set-Apart Place) and for which there is evidence, although it can be easily corroborated by reading Matthew 27:50-51, in the Peshitta version. Finally, there is Azazel (False-Messiah), who is symbolized by the veil (פרכת) at the entrance of the Most Set-Apart Place, which will eventually be torn with the death of the Two Witnesses. (Ex.34:33, 36:35-37, 2Ch.3:14, Mt.27:51, Mr.15:38, Lk.23:45, 2Co.3:12-16, Ac.6:17-20, 9:1-4, 10:19-21, Rev.11:19)

It is interesting to note that in Scripture we see that Yahweh did not bless Abram in an overabundant manner, nor gave him a new name and a descendant, until he separated from Lot, despite Lot qualifying as righteous; however, as Lot’s name (“Veil”) indicates, he was blocking what Yahweh had for Abraham, plus, when comparing Lot to Abram, Lot’s sins were highlighted, while comparing him to the Sodomites, his justice was revealed; which in other words means that Abraham could go on without Lot, but not the world. Therefore, it can be said that Lot (“Veil”) functions as a reflection of Samael (“Blindness of the Mighty” | “Poison of the Mighty”), while his sons Moab (“of his Father”) and Amon (“of his People”), of Heilel (“The Fool who Boasts”) and Azazel (“Who takes the Strength away” | “The Goat that is sent away”) respectively.

Lot Moab Amon
“Veil” “of his Father” “of his People”
Samael Heilel Azazel
Moshe’s Veil | מסוה 1st Veil | מסך 2nd Veil | פרכת
Flesh Spirit Soul
Action Word Thought
Vision Speech Hear
Water Wind/Air Fire

It is because of these Angels, who have functioned as veils to cover Yahweh’s majesty, that people worship false elohim through their altars (“high places”), thinking they are serving the Most High and true Almighty; for although sometimes their intentions seem correct, their hearts are full of falsehood (Jr.17:9). This is confirmed through their words and actions, since in their search for the Almighty, they get stuck in lies, vanity and ego, for lack of faith, wisdom and understanding; staying behind one of these three veils, being tricked to fall into all kinds of idolatry. Therefore, these veils can be understood as filters in which those who are not completely sincere, dedicated and persevering are trapped, in their supposed search for the truth and knowledge of the Creator, whom we must love with all our heart, all our soul and all our strength (Dt.6:5, Mr.12:30, Lk.10:27).

It is worth mentioning that the reason why Lot’s daughters made the equivocal decision to go to bed with their father was because they believed that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah had taken place throughout the world, as a repetition of what happened during the flood in the time of Noah. This happened because this event was an image of the end of this reality, which they did not understand, so they thought it was their responsibility to repopulate the Earth in the same way that the sons of Noah did; so having lost their mother, Lot’s wife, they erroneously decided to take action on the matter and go to bed with their father, without consulting him, instead they gave him wine until getting him drunk, in the same way that Noah got drunk after the flood, which triggered the curse of Canaan. Both events allude to the wine that will flow from the Great Winepress of the Wrath of Elohim, during the Harvest, which will bring the curses that the wicked will experience through the Last Plagues.

In a positive sense, this same story can be interpreted as an allegory in which Lot represents Yahweh, who would appear on Earth as First and Last, since it was during the first manifestation that Mashiach left the covering of the Spirit, upon coming to give life to the chosen congregation (the Few) and open the door for the Many through faith in him, in the same way that Lot gave life to his two daughters, before fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah, which in turn was a reflection of the 2nd Exodus, in which the Last will take the two folds (the Few and the Many); while the one who claimed to be his wife, the false congregation, will die in the process, as happened with Lot’s wife, because of her disobedience and rebellion. This is one of several reasons why Yahushua said that the coming of the Son of man would be like the days of Lot (Lk.17:28-29), since after having left the land of sin in which they lived, which symbolizes this world, Lot had relations with his daughters as if he were their husband; as well as, once the Chosen Few leave this dimension during the harvest, to go to the prepared place, the Wedding of the Lamb will take place, at which time the Messiah would not only represent the Father of the Kehila, but also her Husband. Another way of explaining this, is that the Last will come so that the Chosen Few may be conceived through the Spirit left by Yahushua, which makes him the spiritual Father of the 144.000, and after his death, he will rise and become one with the First, to finally marry the Congregation that he fathered during the first half of the last 7 years.

Lot Moab Amon
“Cover” “of his Father” “of his People”
Mashiach Naggid The Few The Many
Father | Husband 1st Sheepfold | Chosen 2nd Sheepfold | Called
Melek | Kohen Royalty the People
Last | First  Stars Sand
את השמים הארץ

An additional reason why the name of this congregation refers to a “High Place”, other than what has already been mentioned, has to do with the Assembly that is represented by the letter to Pergamos.

3.3.6. Assembly: 1st day of Sukkot (2nd Exodus)

The congregation of Pergamos symbolizes the 1st day of the feast of Sukkot, which is the 15th of the 7th month, a day to remember the time when Yisrael left Egypt during the Exodus (the 15th of the 1st month) and dwelt in booths, word that in Hebrew is pronounced “Sukkot” (Lev.23:33-43). Interestingly, Yisrael’s first stop, after leaving Egypt, was in a place also called Sukkot (Ex.12:37), to indicate that the 2nd Exodus will happen during this assembly, the 15th of the 7th month (Eitanim), instead of the 15th of the 1st month (Aviv), which is when the 1st Exodus happened. In fact, the day when the Exodus was fulfilled was a perfect reflection of what is to be manifested at this time with the Chosen Kehila, since according to an opinion of Judaism, when Yisrael left Egypt they used a calendar in which Aviv (1st) was the 7th month and Eitanim (7th) the 1st (Ex.12:2). This means that for them, the departure from Egypt happened on the 15th of the 7th month, as a sign to recognize exactly the day of the 2nd Exodus in the true calendar, not the Gregorian, nor the Jew, as we will see in a following chapter. This can also be understood through the fact that the feast of Sukkot lasts 7 days, as an image of Matzot (“Unleavened Bread”), which also begins on the 15th of the month and extends for the same amount of days, during the 1st month, as a shadow in the 1st half of the year.

Yahushua said that when the Abomination of Desolation is seen standing where it should not be (the Temple), the Chosen must go to the mountains without looking back, as Lot did (Lk.17:20-37), for this announces the 2nd Exodus, in which those who obey the Messiah will have to flee to a “High Place”, which is the meaning of the name of this Congregation (Pergamos), confirming how this kehila represents the 1st day of Sukkot, when the Chosen Few, who belong to spiritual Yahudah, will have to flee the cities and hide, until the fulfillment of the harvest a few days later (Rev.14). It is for this reason, that Yahushua promises to give of the hidden Manna to those who overcome from Pergamos, since this was the food that was given to Yisrael during their time in the desert.

The subject of the 2nd Exodus may be an issue for some, as it differs so much from what is taught in most churches, but it will be demonstrated with Scripture later. On the other hand, the Abomination of Desolation is a title used to refer to the False-Messiah, and it was used by Yahushua when quoting the book of the Prophet Daniel (Dn.11:31, 12:11, Mt.24:15, Mr.13:14). Besides, in the book of the Maccabees, the same name is given to the sacrifice of a Pig for Zeus (God), performed by the Greek Emperor Antiochus Epiphanes in the Temple of Yahweh, with the help of the False High Priest of Yisrael. This was fulfilled as a reflection of the moment when the 1st Beast, as Antiochus, will order the False-Prophet to give life to the False-Messiah (Pig), which will be the moment in which Zeus (Satan) will enter a human body, to turn it into his temple, by manifesting himself before the world claiming to be the Almighty. Therefore, the connection is even clearer, for it is the message to the congregation in Pergamos, the one that specifically mentions the altar of Zeus and the sacrifice of the Witness (Antipas) by the 1st and 2nd Beast.

As already mentioned above and as will be fully explained in the second book, the pronunciation of the false name they use in the world to refer to the Messiah, means “Behold the Horsein Hebrew, while others translate it as the “Vision of Zeus”; on the other hand, the Spanish pronunciation of the name “Jesus”, means “Pig of the Earth” in Latin, the official language of the Catholic Church, who finished establishing, in the minds of the masses, the name Jesus as the one they should invoke for prayer, worship and other matters. In Latin, both pronunciations, “ge” (“hae”) and “geo” (“heo”), mean “Earth”, while “sus” means “Pig”; therefore, the pronunciation of the name “Jesus”, which in Spanish would be the same as saying Gesus” (“Haesus”), means the “Pig of the Earth, which reveals that the one whom the masses know as “Jesus”, is actually the Image created by the Beast of the Earth, mentioned in Revelation 13 (Rev.13:11, 13:14-15, 17:8), who will become the Abomination of Desolation.

In other words, in the same way that the Greeks used a Horse to destroy Troy, the Hellenists infiltrated the true congregation and turned it into the false congregation, through their Apostasy, with their words, names and titles, specifically with the name ‘Jesus (“Behold the Horse). Likewise, the Romans are responsible for those who claim to believe in the Messiah, yet make sacrifices of praise to Zeus (He.13:15), by invoking the Pig of the Earth (“Jesus), as the sacrifice of Antiochus to Zeus, called the Abomination of Desolation, which clearly reveals the name of the False Messiah (Jn.5:43, Rev.13:17, 17: 3).

3.3.7. Luminary: Venus

In the East, the planet Venus was assigned both genders, its male incarnation was the Bull of Heaven, while its female version was called Ishtar or Astarte, the “Queen of Heaven.” According to Immanuil Velikovsky, Venus was originally Athena (Minerva), when interpreting the myth of her birth from the head of Zeus, as Venus having emerge from Jupiter; in other words, the planet that symbolizes this congregation was produced by being expelled from Jupiter, just as Pergamos (Venus) was a congregation that originated where Zeus (Jupiter) dwells.

The animal that represents Athena is the Owl, the same one that symbolizes Lilith (Is.34:14), who is also connected to the Moon and is the leader of the succubi and incubi, which are nocturnal demons that feed on sexual energy. According to mythology, Athena never married or had lovers, so she maintained a perpetual virginity, which, of course, relates to the false doctrine of those who believe in Mary as an immaculate virgin. This is only one of several pagan sources of this false teaching, since in Scripture we find that Miriam had other children after giving birth to Yahushua (Mt.1:25, 12:46, Mr.3:31 , Lk.8:19, Jn.7:2-5, Ac.1:14, Gl.1:18, 1Cor.9:5).

Athena was the “patron” of several cities, but as the name implies, she was best known for being the protector of Athens, which means “Uncertainty.”

Acts 17:16
Now while Paulus waited for them at Athens [Uncertainty], his spirit was provoked within him when he saw that the city was given over to idols.

In the same way that happened in Ephesus, where they worshiped Diana, it happened in the land of Athens, where they idolized Athena; just as in Pergamos they praised Zeus (God). According to the Concordance (G116), Athens means “Uncertainty”, which indicates that the worship of the false goddess Athena (Mary) brings doubt, which is the opposite of faith (Mt.14:29-31, 21:21, Mr.11:23, Rm.14:23, Jam.1:6-7). This means that the idolatry of the “Queen of Heaven” (Venus), also known as Mary, leads the person away from the Almighty Yahweh and His son Yahushua, who is the Truth, by casting doubt.

Over time, the Greeks sought a new goddess to represent Venus, so they eventually chose Aphrodite. This change that occurred of going from Athena to Aphrodite as the representative of the same planet, has also happened in other cases, here are three examples:

    1. Samael, ever since his fall, is symbolized by Mars, however, at the time of his creation he was known by the name Ariel in the 3rd Heaven and Yaldabaoth in the 2nd, period in which he was represented by Saturn (Kronos).
    2. Heilel (“Lucifer”), according to Gnostic (Knowledge) writings, at the beginning of his creation was called Tzabaoth and was originally connected with Jupiter (Zeus), but upon falling from favor and becoming Heilel, he began to be represented by the Sun (Adonis), which falls at the end of the day, as Heilel will fall at the end of history.
    3. Azazel was originally Mars (Ares), but after falling with the Watchers at the time of Noah and having given hidden knowledge to men so that sin could increase, he became connected with Mercury (Hermes).

Throughout history, the false-elohim worshiped by different peoples through specific heavenly bodies, would end up being represented by other planets or stars, when conquered by other empires that imposed their own beliefs, replacing the elohim that were worshiped previously in the area, by calling them by another name or representing them through a different star. In short, there are billions of angels, impure spirits and demons who seek the worship of men. These creatures serve one of the entities mentioned above, therefore they share many qualities with their leaders, which causes an entity that was previously revered through a specific name and star, to become known in another way and represented by another star. In this way a lot of spiritual confusion has been generated, which is the meaning of the word Babel, which is why the false congregation is called the Great Whore of Babylon, since the integration of so many pagan practices and false-elohim, has brought confusion to the whole world, by making them think that they follow the Almighty and his Son, when in reality they are serving demons, evil spirits and fallen angels.

Of the seven luminaries that represent the congregations, only two of them are identified as feminine, so they are directly connected to each other, coupled with the fact that Venus usually appears near the Moon, as if the Moon were the mother of Venus. This means that Pergamos can be seen as a congregation that descended from Ephesus, in the same way that Evangelicals were born from the Protestants. In a negative sense, this refers to the Christian denominations represented by Pergamos, as spiritual daughters of the Great Whore (Diana), symbolized by the spirit they worshiped in Ephesus (Rev.17:5). In addition to this, the relation between the Moon and Venus is like the relation between the Spirit and the Body, that is, in this context, the Moon (Ephesus) symbolizes the Spirit of the Great Harlot (Diana), which they call “Holy Spirit” and which is in the Body (church) represented by Venus (Pergamos), the daughter (congregation) who has returned to the religion of the Queen of Heaven (Venus), whom they call Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, description completely contrary to the one given by Scripture when calling her the Great Harlot (Rev.17, 19:1-2).

Jeremiah 7:16-19
“Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them, nor make intercession to Me; for I will not hear you. Do you not see what they do in the cities of Yahudah and in the streets of Yerushalaim? The children gather wood, the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough, to make cakes for the Queen of Heaven [Venus]; and they pour out drink offerings to other elohim, that they may provoke Me to anger. Do they provoke Me to anger?” says Yahweh. “Do they not provoke themselves, to the confusion [Boshet / Shame] of their own faces?

Notice how the Scripture describes in the same way, what happened when the Yahudim worshiped “the Queen of Heaven” (Venus) and what happened when the people of Ephesus worshiped Diana (Moon), they “provoked…the confusion of their own faces.

3.3.8. Mirror in the Scripture:

There are many mirrors in Scripture that can be used as examples in this case, but we will focus on some verses from the book of the Prophet YirmYahu.

Jeremiah 44:11-19
“Therefore thus says Yahwéh of hosts, the Elohim of Yisrael: ‘Behold, I will set My face against you for catastrophe and for cutting off all Yahudah. And I will take the remnant of Yahudah who have set their faces to go into the land of Egypt to dwell there, and they shall all be consumed and fall in the land of Egypt. They shall be consumed by the sword and by famine. They shall die, from the least to the greatest, by the sword and by famine; and they shall be an oath, an astonishment, a curse and a reproach! For I will punish those who dwell in the land of Egypt, as I have punished Yerushalaim, by the sword [2nd Seal], by famine [3rd Seal], and by pestilence [4th Seal], so that none of the remnant of Yahudah who have gone into the land of Egypt to dwell there shall escape or survive, lest they return to the land of Yahudah, to which they desire to return and dwell. For none shall return except those who escape.’ ”
Then all the men who knew that their wives [churches] had burned incense to other elohim, with all the women who stood by, a great multitude, and all the people who dwelt in the land of Egypt, in Pathros, answered YirmYahu [“Whom Yahwéh has Appointed” | the Last], saying: “As for the word that you have spoken to us in the name of Yahweh, we will not listen to you! But we will certainly do whatever has gone out of our own mouth, to burn incense to the queen of heaven [Venus] and pour out drink offerings [Innocent Blood] to her, as we have done, we and our fathers, our kings and our princes, in the cities of Yahudah and in the streets of Yerushalaim. For then we had plenty of food, were well-off, and saw no trouble. But since we stopped burning incense [Praying] to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings [Innocent Blood] to her, we have lacked everything and have been consumed by the sword and by famine.”
The women also said, “And when we burned incense [Prayed] to the Queen of Heaven and poured out drink offerings [Blood Sacrifices] to her, did we make cakes for her, to worship her, and pour out drink offerings [Blood Sacrifices] to her without our husbands’ [Spiritual Leaders | False Elohim] permission?”

In the previous text, Yahweh addresses the Yahudim who decided to return to Egypt, which Elohim had forbidden (Dt.17:16, 28:68), so this represents those who return to the slavery of sin, after coming to the knowledge of the truth (He.10:26-27, 10:38-39). YirmYahu, whose name means “Whom Yahweh has Appointed” and therefore represents the Witness like Moshe, mentions that Yahweh will use Sword, Hunger and Pestilence, to destroy the rebellious, which refers to the three remaining riders, which will specifically bring those three plagues, after the manifestation of the Last as the rider of horse in the 1st Seal. 

1st Seal Rider of the White Horse Bow & Crown Spiritual War
2nd Seal Rider of the Red Horse Great Sword 3rd World War
3rd Seal Rider of the Black Horse Scales Spiritual Hunger
4th Seal Rider of the Pale Horse Sheol 1/4 of Humanity Dies

Later, we see that Yahweh addresses all those congregations that have been offering incense to the false elohim, which means that they prayed to other mighty-ones, as today, the supposed believers in the Creator and his Son, actually pray to God (Fortune = Satan), to the Lord (Baal) and to Mary (Diana / Ishtar / Astarte / Astoret / Athena / Aphrodite / Semiramis / Isis / Madona / Venus / Lilith / Shing Moo / Queen of Heaven).

Next, the people respond to the Prophet YirmYahu in the same way that the churches of today will respond to the 2 Witnesses sent by Yahweh to preach the true doctrine, by expressing, basically, that they will continue to act as they have done so far, without hearing the word that was given in the Name of Yahweh, instead they will act according to what they had confessed, so they will keep their vows and covenants with the false elohim already mentioned, specifically with the “Queen of Heaven”, to whom they would offer wine libations, which represent bloodshed, as sacrifices for the goddess, as all their ancestors had done it, who remained, in one way or another, as part of the false congregation whom the Almighty blames for all the blood that has been shed on the Earth, the Great Harlot (Rev.18:24).

In addition, the rebellious of this time will present the same argument as the Yahudim apostates of the past, for they will declare that their lives were going well while they were in falsehood, but once they try to follow the right path, everything fell apart. This is because they do not understand that what seemed to them as prosperity, was only an illusion that increasingly separated them from the truth, since Satan is not divided against himself (Mt.12:25-26, Mr.3:23-24, Lk.11:17-18), therefore, he does not fight against those who are on his side, since they will end up with him in the fire for eternity, while those who enter the path of Yahweh enlist in a spiritual war against the rulers of the darkness of this world, a battle which is fought every day, but that has already been won through Yahushua; however, since we are still in this temporal dimension, we must patiently persevere until the final triumph is manifested. (Mt.10:22, 24:13, Mr.13:13, Jn.16:33, Rm.8:28-39, Eph.5:15-17, 6:10-18)

Jeremiah 44:24-26
Moreover YirmYahu [“Whom Yahweh Appointed”] said to all the people and to all the women [Congregations], “Hear the word of Yahweh, all Yahudah who are in the land of Egypt! [Land of Afliction] Thus says Yahweh of hosts, the Elohim of Yisrael, saying: ‘You and your wives [Congregations] have spoken with your mouths and fulfilled with your hands, saying, “We will surely keep our vows that we have made, to burn incense [Prayers] to the Queen of Heaven [Venus] and pour out drink offerings [Innocent Blood] to her.” You will surely keep your vows and perform your vows!’ Therefore hear the word of Yahweh, all Yahudah who dwell in the land of Egypt: ‘Behold, I have sworn by My Great Name,’ says Yahweh, ‘that My name shall no more be named in the mouth of any man of Yahudah in all the land of Egypt, saying, “Yahweh Elohim lives.”

Everything said in these verses can be easily understood with the square brackets and what has already been explained, so I would only like to highlight the way Yahweh closes the prophecy, declaring that he has sworn that his Great Name will never be mentioned again in Egypt, by none of the rebellious Yahudim who refuse to give honor to His Name (Mal.2:2). This means that those Jews who do not pronounce His Name nowadays and prohibit others from doing so, replacing it with titles and names of false elohim, actually do so because of this curse that is upon them, since they rejected the True Mighty One and His Son, Yahushua HaMashiach, to follow Satan, therefore they won’t be able to invoke him for eternity. Likewise, Christians who do not confess the Name of Yahushua and who teach that it should not be used or that is irrelevant, while continuing to exalt false names, will have to serve the Last and will not have the Name that gives Salvation, so they will only receive Justification after their deaths, when resurrected; which is why the Messiah promises a New Name to him who overcomes from the congregation of Pergamos, which is that of the Witness like Moshe, the 2nd Manifestation of Yahweh. (Is.44:3-6, Jr.23:6)

It is interesting that the Scripture says that the new name will be given to them on a stone (Kefas), and according to the Greek translation, the word (G5586) that the verse uses is directly related to the new name received by Shimon, when called “Peter” (Stone), name that in the Concordance (G4074) appears as “Petros”, however, in the definition itself it is mentioned that it is a name that comes from the Greek word “Kefas” (G2786), and this one in turn originates from the Aramaic word “Kef” (H3710). This means that the true name that the Messiah gave to Shimon, when Yahushua made him His disciple, was “Kef”, meaning “Stone” or “Rock”, so that when Yahushua ascended to the Father, Kef (“Peter”) became the representation of the Cornerstone (the First). For this reason, when revealing the new name to Shimon, Yahushua exclaimed: “On this rock I will build my Temple” (Mt.16:18); also revealing, when we read the verse in context, that the foundation of the chosen Congregation is to believe that Yahushua is the Messiah, which Kef confessed verses before, when Yahushua asked his Talmidim (“Disciples”) who they thought he is (Mt.16:15-16). In this analogy we can observe how those who overcome the doctrines represented by Pergamos, in the same way as Kef, will receive a new name in a stone (Kef), which will be the name of the 2nd manifestation of the cornerstone; in other words, they will receive a new personal name and a new name to refer to the Messiah, which will be the name of the Last.

When the Persians conquered Mesopotamia, the Babylonian priesthood emigrated to Pergamos, where the Greek Pantheon was erected, which was the temple of all the gods of its mythology, being later transferred to Rome in the year 133 before the Messiah, when the king of Pergamos, Atalo III, died without descendants and bequeathed his kingdom to Rome. The Babylonian religion (of Confusion) spread in such a way in Rome, that eventually began to be called the “New Babylon”, which is why Kef himself, when writing his first letter from Rome, referred to this empire as Babylon (1Pe.5:13), describing it spiritually. The word Pantheon is composed of “Pan”, which in Greek means “All”; and “Theion”, which means “Holy” and comes from “Theos” (Zeus), so its translation is “All the Gods (Saints)”. In the Pantheon many of the Babylonian mysteries were preserved, even after being transferred to Rome, where it would be called the “Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels and Martyrs”, at which time they converted all the Gods within it, into the Saints that Catholics adore today. The statues of the supposed “gods” of the Pantheon are now in the Vatican Museum, with the exception of the image of Jupiter (Zeus), which was modified and received a new title when placed in the Basilica of St. Peter, in Rome, as if it were the Apostle Kef (Peter). Thousands of pilgrims kiss Jupiter‘s feet thinking that it is the image of the Apostle Peter, a practice that in itself is an abomination, even if it were a true depiction of Kef, for Scripture prohibits all kinds of idolatry, but at the same time reveals that Jupiter (JewPeter) is who they truly worship as ‘God’ in the Vatican, clearly showing that Jupiter, Zeus and God, are Satan himself.

Acts 19:35
And when the city clerk had quieted the crowd, he said:
“Men of Ephesus, what man is there who does not know that the city of the Ephesians is temple guardian of the great goddess Diana [Moon], and of the image [stone] which fell down from Zeus [Jupiter]?

Here is one more connection, between the kehila of Ephesus and that of Pergamos, since those who worshiped Diana (Mary) also idolized a stone that had descended from Jupiter. Therefore, in exactly the same way as the verse prophetically describes it, today one could also ask rhetorically: what man is there who does not know that the Vatican City is the guardian of the “Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels and Martyrs” and of the image of Jupiter, which they brought from Pergamos (“a High Place”) claiming to be Kef (a Stone).

In addition, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans is only mentioned in the letters for the congregation of Ephesus and that of Pergamos, which shows us another connection between these two kehilot, such as the connection between Protestants and Evangelicals, both of which are daughters of the Catholic church, who personifies mainly the doctrine of the Nicolaitans and who obviously accepts the sins of Bilaam, the False Prophet who represents the Second Beast that ascends from the Earth (believers). Therefore, since the supposed image of Kef (“Peter”), in the Vatican Basilica, is really Zeus, then the so-called “Pope”, who they say is the successor of “Peter”, is actually the representative of Zeus (Satan) and also of Diana (Mary).