כתר | Kether | נצח | Koresh | כורש

[1st Verse | SoulYah]
Who shall defy the armies of the living Elohim
Let no one get weary on account of the wicked
Your servant will go forth with the sword of his mouth
to fight and defeat them, for He said: “I’ll deliver”
Major arrow in his quiver
we stay on point like YahWeh prophecies
turning Skeptics to believers
Set apart breed, long linage of kings
Blood sweat and tears to master them skills
now what I mean?
Welcome to the danger zone
Welcome to the battle field
Girth your loins about the truth
Don’t get caught without the shield
Solid as a rock through these times of desperation
In the name of Yahushua
the salvation of the nation
something much bigger than your damn cannon
Siblings of the lion
Enemies of the dragon
Canis Mayor been going at it for the ages
all strapped and booted forever undisputed.


[2nd Verse | Koresh]
Yahwéh of Host is with us
saving all the lost
made us from the dust
only one that can boast
El of Yaakov
The Most High Above
He’s our abode
Come and behold
His works are of old
He came and got sold
now teaching the fold
bringing plagues to the world
death to the whore
the son she bore they call the lord
and all her lore
she who seats over the seas
will be killed with ease
making the war cease
establishing peace
to the west and the east
check the list
and pick up all who enlist
during the feast
save them from the Beast
and the false priest
break the bow and cut the spear in two;
bring him low, burn his chariots too
from the branch to the root
gather every Hebrew
with all that is true
finish the crew
when I drink all the brew
get the cup from Him
Be still, and know I’m Elohim;
Still will I sing
praise Yahwéh the King
Yahushúa leader of the Kohanim


[3rd Verse | SoulYah]
This goes out to those who choose to use
disrespectful views of the king of Yeruh
your time is due!
All out for the truth
won’t settle for less
a king’s worth bears in his wisdom
not the riches he posses
Never stressed…
talking to the Highest
while puffing on the highest
and still, going to the highest place
You can hate me know
but promise you gonna love me later
iluminatti annihilator
by design of my creator
Disrespect the name
you’re nothing but a hater
Yah fire coming soon for every single faker
Off what you delete, we keep making a beat
Blast the final trumpet when our crew be complete
Then you gone see who be the real gs
Impostors claiming to be Yahudi
Will come and worship to our feet
Oh what a day!
when the truth be revealed
The earth belongs to the humble and meek
and it’s sealed

[4th Verse | Koresh]
Conquering to conquer
here to kill the hunter
with the voice of thunder
I will plunder like a wonder
to destroy the blunder
doing laundry
for the people put asunder
to expose he who put as under
a spell
the angel Heilel who fell
rejecting the pearl to take the shell
building Babel
worshiped as Bel
going to hell
for killing the well
now living and well
at the right hand of El
who split the veil
after the spit and nail
bringing an end to the tale
burn the head and the tail
fufilled the torah in every detail
but still pharasees fail
to see what that entails
they rather follow commandments of males
messing the scales
as snails going through trails
leading to jails
cause you bought what satan sells
your Train of thought got no Rails
worshiping some one else
hearing Bells
your ship got no sails
you will ‘sea’ how your EyeDoll melts…