U Copy?

Koresh aka Sirius

Song: U Copy?
Artist: Koresh
Album: 2 SIRIUS (B)
Instrumental: Sirius

And this one goes out to anybody
Thinking he's somebody
While being Illuminati
Literally anybody
Any soulless copy
U copy?
Anybody there?
Koresh is here

1st Verse
This is it
like Michael Jackson
But I’m Michael
Jacob’s Son
My call is the One
Immersed in the Jordan
Like I’m dunking in water
Dumping sins
consuming fire
Slamming heads
I’m MC Hammer
Before falling the ladder
On all of you
I empty my bladder
I’m pissed
See Thor hit you with lightning
"Can’t touch this"
is Latin
The Maccabee
they're calling me
The Mac is here
but you can’t see me
Blind as a Bat-man
you Robin’ air
I’m the Heir
The shepherd coming for the herd
My voice you never heard
The word a fire in your ear
My soul, your fear
You’re solely matter that don’t matter
Under my sole your career
You better hide
is getting hotter here
You a balloon full hot air
That’s why they can make more than a pair
A clone or more
who will compare
Who will call rare?
The way y’all bare a different complexion
And dare to invent is a Botox injection
Or surgery
but regeneration
It’s on a whole other dimension
Expect only damnation
When the time of separation
comes for my nation
During this generation
you will see it no question
Doubting will cause indigestion
Too heavy for your ingestion
Not even Levi can get interpretation
MelkiTzedek in this version.

U Think U Somebody
While empty being nobody
A copy without a soul in the body
Anybody can notice the emptiness
Behind the eyelids
Nothing but darkness
Bunch of nothingness
You shall burn with no rest

U Think U Somebody
While empty being nobody
A copy without a soul in the body
Anybody can notice the emptiness
Behind the eyelids....
U copy?
Anybody there?
(You Shall burn with no rest)
Koresh is here

2nd Verse
I'm more than you can handle
Fed up
so you better get up
Standard going to the highest level
settled on the saddle
Galloping to cut the rattle
Put it in a fetter
With its father
In the farther possible to fathom
Part of hell
to get her share of punishment forever
Never ever coming to repentance
Nor forgiveness for their business
What you think you’re doing
messing up with Lucifer
You lost yourself
It’s all over
Better believe
You’ll discover later like Gulliver

Reality is stranger than what you've heard
Giants have come on the earth
The whore has given birth
The Beast of the Sea
and the one from the Dirt
To cause the greatest stir in the world
Nations gone hurt
And that's word

So when they say
As-salam alaykum
Sudden hell from Allah
shall descend and burn them
Cause they worship devils
claiming to be angels
Ready to be defend them
But to hell they wanna send them
Don’t forget they follow Satan
Later you will comprehend
For having no discernment
Poison will get in your system
Repent in this instant
Understand the end is here
You have an ear
But cannot hear
That’s why I'm here
Koresh the Seer.

U Think U Somebody
While empty being nobody
A copy without a soul in the body
Anybody can notice the emptiness
Behind the eyelids
Nothing but darkness
Bunch of nothingness
You shall burn with no rest

3rd Verse
We’re living in the days of Noah
So I’m in here for the hour
Of the PL∆N3† falling over
You all drunk while I’m sober
Hover over all and drop a shower of fire
No metaphor
witness the power
You better run home for your life
it’s on
And you on some dumb limbo
notwithstanding this song
You cannot stand with the Son
Not understanding what’s going on
Like the sun never shone
on your comprehension
If you pay attention
You can buy direction
To receive redemption
School's in session
Cause I heard an empty vessel
Needs a lesson
Anybody thinking
They could knock me
Cu-cu in the floppy
Mentally sloppy
Never shall be happy
Nap in the pit
I'll be filling with the bodies that I Bodied
Spitting acid finishing the sorry
Ending history
like is my hobby
that I lobby
I'm the hubby
but you wanna go after the hobbit
And you wanna love it
I’m above it
None of you can solve it
On your face I gotta rub it
The light you holding I rob it
By the power given from above it
Yahweh Yahushua
I'm in the habit
of preaching at any moment
So pay attention
to what I'm dumping in your head
like you connecting
with the source of everything
By the Ruach Ha Kodesh
Given by the King
So when I sing you get the link
To change the clothing with a blink
How can you understanding
What I'm saying
You need spiritual discernment
Pay Attention
I will destroy your system
You’re braking
sinking with the many
Not getting what's really happening
The end is happening
and you're sitting watching the television
as hell enters your picture
With no fiction.

I'm fixed in the Son
Since you worship the Sun
Mercy you'll get none
If you missing soul
take heed and listen
Any Master Mason stop from guessing
What you're facing
Man, you messing up!
Almost time to fess up
Judgment will come
whether you want it or not
Don't believe it
so what?
That won't make it stop
and is about to pop
As Tupac said it:
"is hopeless"
What’s coming is potent
Important is salvation
but you looking for a portent
With no blood on the dormant
Your tent shall fall in the dent
justice won't relent
Just this will testify how incompetent
your antecedent
Indecent hoping to be incandescent
You must be Joking or something
More than a King?
That’s hoping
I’ll call you King-Joe
or JoKing
Going impotent
equivalent to a full impediment
That’s a compliment
Knocked out on the ring
as you hear the ding
A breathing machine
with a jinn inside the skin
That’s why it’s slim
the chance y’all enter the KingDom
disappear like the shade
When the lights come on
Reality stranger the fiction
And the spirit is realer than vision
All you see an illusion perishing
Scorching by the words I’m unleashing
I’m coming in to finish him
I know he’s listening
This is me
Son of Yahweh Elohim
The warrior Giborim
you a walking Terafim
New age Nephilim
worshiping a Cherubim
Seeking the fat yet getting thin
Eyes dark, no one is in,
cause not one is in
A legion
it's a bunch of them
just like the Gadarene
Yet it seems
you don't want to be free from sin
You love to blaspheme
like is the new theme
I'll like to see when you pay everything
For now think not a thing
Empty your head like in a Yoga bed
Forget your dead ignore your debt
And every word I said
you've been misled
Through lies they fed
To get you stolen
And turn you into a golem
Your solemn oath is broken
Their souls, they sold them
Genetic coding
the story distorting
The end unfolding
the book I’m decoding
My lyrics solve them
Listen and save your soul time is over
You folding your life not knowing
What’s on your cards
The hole where the whole of you're going
Is boiling
and the worm is expecting your coming
I’m holding the key and closing the Bars
Dropping the stars
shaking the Heavens and Earth
This is just the start.