Rappers nowadays
Got their Souls 4 Sale
They all hail Bel for the fame
But there’s no way in Hell
They’ll be able to pay a bail

1st Verse
These suckers got their souls for sale
Like a toy to play
You’re about to fail quick
Enjoy your fall in the ditch
Join the lake of fire and brimstone
You’re done, like in a comma state
Living a virtual life every day
Chose to hate the spirit and follow the robot made of clay
Idolatry made you gay, this is straight
Not a homophobic state-ment
What will you do when the battery starts to decay?
Your next move is crucial, think which one to take
Keep it real or as usual, plain dumb and fake
You easy to brake, hollow cause your soul is gone
Won’t see it again, unless you repent
And give your life to the King
All these entertainers signed a deal
To enter-and-tame your mind
That is real, they are out to get you killed
Spiritually influencing you into all kinds of evil
To get you stuck in this feeble reality
That is soon to pass
Do you want to remain in the past?
Even worst, turn your existence into ash
Being stuck at last, for as long as Eternity lasts
All for selling your soul for the Cash
Ignoring the fact that in hell there’s no such thing as bail
Forever trapped in a cell, next to angels who fell
Soon the Maker will take off the veil
Everything hidden shall be revealed
The zeal will burn the shill

Chorus x2
They got their souls for sale
Satan they hail
Knowingly going to hell
For the fame and getting paid,
Without using the brain
Instead being used by the game
You’re insane
Eternal pain is all that you will gain

2nd Verse
Here comes the latter rain
You’re all about to get wet
Sheol about to get fed
A lot of blood will be shed
By the so-called Elite
Looking to get the New World Order set
Getting everyone involved in the New Age
To support the implementation of your own cage
Making you give up your nation and the human race
The ignorance which the populace is suffering is a disgrace
Living not knowing what you will face in the coming days
Always subliminally indoctrinated to know their truths
But to not believe it cause is everywhere
Except for the news
And then these other fools
Who made deals to bring the blues
Will regret the very day they were born into this plane
When they are thrown in the flames
Thinking of the mistake that got you in the lake
Always in front of you as an eternal view
For you to review every chance you had to be new
Born into thN new Covenant which is permanent
You still in the desert carrying the tent
Wondering what has been of the judgment
Which the Bible sent
You’re about to get it my friend

Chorus x2
They got their souls for sale
Satan they hail
Knowingly going to hell
For the fame and getting paid,
Without using the brain
Instead being used by the game
You’re insane
Eternal pain is all that you will gain

3rd Verse
Being tortured for your love to fortunes
Becoming food for the vultures
What was the deal for your future career?
Did you stop to wonder if the lecture was real?
As the nature of the punishment, you’re about to feel
Chill is not until you’re captured and killed
By the zeal seen in my skill
In my mind has been sealed
To discover secrets concealed from the eyes of the shill
The unreal humans are becoming a meal
Of demons coming up the hill
The tower of Babylon is now going down for real
You are the cause for this ordeal
Making a deal for a moment of cheer
Being worshipped during your short stay here
But acquiring no shield for what is about to unveil
When the truth is revealed
Your contract is sealed, a chance to cancel it nil
An expiration is an aberration
The coming of your Christ a hallucination
The Abomination of Desolation
In association with the entire population
Through a chip in your paw
You’re a pawn, they control all your songs
They are a flaw and will live forever under the floor
Murder by the flow, through Scriptural quotes
The Dogg Star, gate, or the door
Go ahead come thru don’t follow the hoe
As many have done it before
Loosing all common sense
Jumping the fence to take the chance
Now in chains, basically under a trance
Like if mind control was the entrance
Believing Masonic lies
Wolves in disguise, d’evils that I despise
Those serving the Lord of Flies
The light of you god is dim
Your Masonic plan is limp
You are all getting pimped

Dolls for the ventriloquist
You are all missing in the list
Cause your soul ain’t in the mix
So get ready for your fix