כתר | Kether | הוד | Koresh | כורש

Who are they?
The things that walk among us
creatures who look and talk like us
but they are not like us
they’ve controlled us all our lives
and they took our minds, our memories
but now I remember everything…

[1st Verse]
Like attack of the clones
everywhere I see I look at these hoes
they all the same, look at their clothes
they got zip, but they all boast
they know not
that they shall be toast
so I toast
cause I must strike
the statue on its toes
kill the beast and its ten horns
each and every head
will be dead and fed to the crows
the whole a dem
ready for the hole
bottomless pit,
that’s where they go
to the grave
for not knowing to behave
rejecting to be saved
hating on the branch of dave
cause you couldn’t – id – the thief
planting the seed
in those who heed
coming on the steed
to defeat every evil with the heat
feed those in need
hear the steps of Mashiach
look at His feet
If you don’t get it then go and read

[Chorus x4]
Silly Clones
like bodies made of Silicone
no soul in the hole
demons just playing a roll

[2nd Verse]
Fitting the mold
they sell at the Mall
they say they want the gold
they want it all
except to get old
they got no soul,
cause it got sold
soon they will fold
cause they couldn’t hold
empty looking like a doll
playing a roll
I told you befo’
Yahushúa the door
who defeated the lord
now I was born
to kill the whore
with a roar
and burn Babel
you ain’t ready
for what is about to unravel

[Chorus x4]
Silly Clones
like bodies made of Silicone
no soul in the hole
demons just playing a roll

[3rd verse]
There are those who are real
and those who are copies
those who feel
and those obsolete like floppies
those built in the lab
and those formed by the crap
that they teach since you a lad
it is sad
ain’t it about who you are
but what you have
what you look like not what you are

first a ring now they want half
you guys make me laugh
society is about to collapse
it’s gonna burn really fast
all about appearances
no more friends only acquaintances
tons of rappers
but no lyricist
each and every one
has fallen prey to the beast
you better fall and pray to resist
don’t ever desist
persevere to be found on the list
to be able to enter the feast
not as the feast
but as the Miss that His