The Countdown | SIRIUS

The Dogg Star
(News Flash)
There’s no time to waste,
we’re living in the last days
When every fear will have to be faced
And every mask will fall off your face
Your nakedness will be exposed,
full of shame
Is it too deep?
what a shame!
Did you forget the reason for a brain
Is not to wash it like a stain
Is to gain the knowledge to understand
Instead of looking for the fame,
In this poor and pitiful plane
Insane, running on the fast lane,
The wrong way
Is coming, so I must intervene,
Get in your system like an IV
and like a TV,
help you picture the scene
I was born to destroy the machine
and I’ll be in, till the very end,
be The King,
I wish you knew what I mean,
or half the stuff that I sing
That would stop the arguing,
start the following and stop the bothering
Either you’re my brother or my enemy
Now tell me who you wanna be?
This game is about keeping it real,
But they’re all actors, like I’m in a film
And that’s real, not just what a feel,
Every way I turn I see another shill
Working hard for the eye
on the top of the hill
Changing the world into his own habitation
Coming from another dimension,
So my only intention
is to bring to your attention
The alteration culture has suffered
around every nation
The turn this world has taken
since the last election
Cause a reaction and make you think
and take action
My mission is to change
the condition of the world
If it ain’t yours, then you have no vision
See my reason, or at least the season
Cause the end is on,
and I’m just keeping it real
But most rappers in the game
are just keeping it fake
And is getting late,
many should prepare to go burn in a lake
Your soul is at stake
Still you choose to follow those who gave it,
in order to take
Your adoration,
being played in all the major radio stations
Some just sell out for remunerations
Others become Freemasons
To leave the world with no direction
Lead it astray,
straight to accept the son of perdition
The world is lost
so I’m here to give it ignition

In the spirit is different,
get in the way to not burn with the heathen
See the world is already seething
Everyone has ears,
but ain’t nobody hearing
The angel is sealing,
but everybody wants to keep sinning
Not knowing many feed on their children
And I’m not even kidding
It is not a riddle
It was prophesied and it is now fulfilling
How fulfilling, is to be the Son of Him
who knows the end from the Beginning
Yahweh Yahushua,
whom I’m representing
Do you even know the Name of him
to whom you’re praying
Hear what I’m saying
The Messiah is Hebrew
and Jesus is Greek
Make the link
Yahushua the correct pronunciation
Has Salvation and the Name of the Father in it
While Je-sus sounds like hail-zeus, ain’t it
And who’s that?
another name for god (fortune)
Right about now is time for you to choose
Either take the Name above every name
By which one can be saved
Or another one which cannot do a thing