[Koresh]Let Me Speak 2 U,
Come through the speaker,
to get to you,
Tell you why I do what I do,
to make you feel it too
Build an Army,
come out this solitude
Against the industry and Hollywood
Destroying the society eroding every hood
With magic spells to alter you,
Make you act, like they want you to,
just to get control of you
Like most rappers nowadays,
acting all the way
Simply to get fame and the pay,
and laugh at you cause you are not they
But they don’t say
that to get to where they stay
You have to sign your soul away,
and do, every thing they say
No longer your way
or how you may what to portray yourself,
Instead they trade your words
for sex, money and hate
Desolation the only fate,
when the seals break,
the heavens will shake
I’ve waited long,
how much more will it take
Since I was born,
I saw the world on the verge to die
I’ll be happy to bust the fire from inside,
sent by the Most High
Don’t think I come alone,
right by my side Yahushua making me strong
So you know it’s on,
’till the crack of dawn,
the millennium
Excuse me,
don’t mean to get ahead of myself
I myself I’m the head,
yeah that’s what I said
Must remain stealth until death,
so let me go to my birth
After a couple miscarriages,
the third made it through to be heard
A SoulYah from the dirt
While information chosen for a mission
To bring information from the Mighty One
of every dimension,
Some may call it dementia
But is essential
you hear this for your salvation
Confess Yahushua to get redemption
Find it in Romans 10 for clarification
But first do some research
and get comprehension
Of the fact that the Jesus is a perVersion
and if you don’t get it? then get this
They made another Version of the Name
to pervert it
Like with the Name of the Father they hid it
Diverting the people from whom they needed
To an angel who fell wanting to be an idol,
And now people preach it and defend it
I know that even
when Scriptural Truth is presented

They rather hide the facts
Like they did in the past,
they do in the present
So tell me this time
what part will you represent?
We’re living in the end,
That’s why I was sent, to gather the rest
Announce the coming rest
and what’s going on with the rest
Even if they go on
and don’t get what I’m telling them
During judgement they will get discernment
and understand their predicament
No excuse and no lawyer to defend
from the accuser the serpent
What you gonna do then?
When whom you thought was your friend
Turns on you to put you in hell
Don’t think you can win
with the one who fell
It’s over, can’t you tell?
The signs are everywhere
and if you didn’t know then become aware
What is about to go down you cannot bear
That’s why I want you to hear
and fear Yahwéh
instead of what is getting near
Wisdom is what you needing is clear
that’s why I’m here
Signing out, Koresh the Seer.