I was sent
To burn the Beast and bring an End
Make ’em understand
Should I be clear
Let ’em know where we stand
We’re in the light, they’re just holding a torch
Which I shall ignite, make ’em scorch
We’re in the bridal room, they’re in the porch
Mad they can’t touch me
Not having the key makes them want me to hush
Coming after me in a rush
There’s not much time left, just a Notch
Read the buch and do right
Just a Hunch
Or wait for the punch
Fire, a Bunch
Melting like fudge
Right after meeting the judge
Oh no way he won’t budge
See this song as a nudge
Stop being a drudge
Your future I’ll crush
Eat you for lunch
Hear the Crunch
Shhh, now smell the stench
Get on the bench
While I launch an attack
That can nobody quench
End coming like an avalanche
Who did it?
The Branch
That was just a glance
Here comes your last chance
At a close distance
And on this instance
The ignorant shall disappear instantly
You see, pointless it is, being resistant
Undoubtedly you will not advance
You seem to be in a trance
The Devil asked you to dance
To come and trans/form the world
Making his plans advance
Giving him a pair more, of hands
Control over more lands and all main brands
While most bands are making music through a séance
Lacking science in defiance of the Most High
Is wanting to die spiritually for an eternity
Dwelling in the midst of all impurity
Due to unwashed iniquity
Don’t call it bigotry
It’s called a certainty
The V!(†0RY
So not even your god can come against me
Satan’s strategy is to appear on the scene
And make it seem to thee to be the Almighty
Not knowing that his plan is faulty
Even so the serpent is approaching
Hear the hiss
It is what it is

As the Word turns devilish
The Savior will be throwing a feast
When the miss becomes His
If you’re not on the list
Then you won’t be missed
As simple as this
All you Devil worshippers are whack
I’ll expose every scumbag
Cause an impact with my acts
Your Matrix I crack without making a pact
Your kingdom and power I’ll hack
Come back to see you get sad losing all that you had
Little spiritual lad, doing bad
will cause you to burn with your dad
Either turn back or get ready for that
Here I come
Here I come
Here I come