אנכי | Anoki || Koresh | כורש

And he showed me
a pure river
of water of life,
clear as crystal,
proceeding from
the throne of Yahweh
and of the Lamb.
For I testify to everyone
who hears the words
of the prophecy
of this book
Whoever desires,
let him take
the water of life freely…

Chorus x2
Is Crystal Clear
How the End is So Near
Is Crystal Clear
Is Crystal Clear

1st Verse
Is crystal clear
how the end is so near
the time when evil
will disappear
I ain’t feeling fear
I wanna get rid of every tear
Oh dear Elohim!
lead my career
to be a carrier
of your Word to their ear
let ’em hear
your voice
steer to what is real
Koresh the Seer
when I’m done here
they will cheer and merry
Hail Mary, their fairy
to hell in a ferry
is it fair? very…
for they praise
the adversary
like a pharisee
not far-I-see
their future looks scary
it will hurry
once buried
sorry and confused
in a deluge
having no refuge
due to Lucifuge
in hell, like a stooge
no moulin rouge
the deception huge…

Chorus x2
Is Crystal Clear
How the End is So Near
Is Crystal Clear
Is Crystal Clear

2nd Verse
This frequency
will make you feel
what is real
confirm the deal
the first seal
here’s the zeal
to burn the shill
the evil
will have to kneel
when the chosen
are revealed
the justified
taken out of Sheol
all the sick get heal
the wicked shall be a meal
for the vultures of the air
after Virgo giving birth
to the one
who will rule the earth
be alert
as the light bearer
hits the dirt
and gets murked
he will know
what is to get hurt
his drop will be heard
he shall kill his herd
like the third of the angels
that he deterred

Chorus x2
Is Crystal Clear
How the End is So Near
Is Crystal Clear
Is Crystal Clear

3r Verso
In just a few

redemption will come like due
manna for the chosen few
during Exodus number two
the two Witnesses
Moshe – EliYahu
to harvest every Hebrew
with that which is true
the correct view
to correct you
this world is thru
once they kill them too
the wise
with a device
to make fire come down from the skies
while being televise
to blind the eyes
turning hearts to ice
to be chastised
with all the politicians telling lies
these are indeed the last times
is crazy
you better praise
embrace the base
cornerstone for the human race
cause once I finish this race
you’ll have to face
the wrath of the end of days

Revelation 22:12
“And behold,
I am coming quickly,
and My reward is with Me…

Revelation 22:16
…I am the Root
and the Offspring of David,
the Bright
and Morning Star.”

Revelation 22:13
the Beginning and the End,
the First and the Last.”

Revelation 22:20
He who testifies
to these things says,
“Surely I am coming quickly.”
Amen, Amen.