Canis Major

Koresh aka Sirius

Song: Canis Major
Artist: Koresh
Mixtape: ReNewEvo
Instrumental: Doc Luzon

1er Verso
This is Canis Major
the realest label you'll hear through the stereo
whom they fear to even see near the radio
notoriously known for opening your cranium
fill it with premium knowledge spirit and history like a museum
(Canis Major)
the center of the circumference
we get straight to your heart without interference
fearless of demons and those killing the flesh
the Highest our shield so why should we stress
yet we stress you to repent and confess, this life's a test,
here's the professor, read the text,
make no mistakes
or else you'll see me on the next
getting justice and revenge
you're on the verge of losing your soul without being purged
we urge you to turn before having to burn on this second turn
(Canis Major)
connecting the few chosen by the Almighty
assembling an already victorious army
insidious to those calling "dios"
about to pass through the furnace
for being spiritually rebellious
when it comes to Us, in Yahweh we Trust
for Him ready to bust
metaphorically speaking of course
only spiritual soulYahs running this course
controlling the scores,
eating the competition as the main course
(Canis Major)
bringing salt for the flavor
revelation from the Mighty One of every station
every frequency, every dimension
trembles hearing His Name being Mentioned!
Yahweh Yahushua, building a City for our Nation
(Canis Major)
bringing His enemies down to damnation
filled with the favor, given by the savior
authority over demons and aliens
laugh for now, but cry later for you behavior
it is your time, but keep in mind that time is relative
and just like with all Satan's relatives
the 15 minutes of fame you acquire goes speedily
while on the other side eternity is mine
you see the signs but still decide to collide
it is almost your time to hide

Canis Major
the label that'll win sooner or later
Canis Major
no matter where you standing, this is better
Canis Major
every hater shall recognise the greater
Canis Major
the movie is coming soon, this is the trailer

2do Verso
It won't be in theaters
it will be live, to make you believers
hip hop critics
in the background noisy like crickets
bickering about fake rappers being the sickest
I'm the realest
indeed I kill them quickness
erasing fake-ness my business
so I might go for the Guinness record
with this record reck all you devils
and rebels is time for whom dwells in the heavens
to set in order all levels
shake the heavens and earth
when she gives birth
to the branch coming out of the dirt
from the stump of Ishai to stomp on all who defy
the power of the Most High
and decide to follow the father of lies
what will you do when he dies
when your disguise is out and you face your demise
falling in the trap of the lord of flies
stuck in a place you shall despise
for hating and killing the spies
Jericho will fall just open your eyes
the last days have come
and I'm just starting,
how come?
I just came for some revelation
then I'm gone with the few who remain strong
(Canis Major)
in Armageddon shall be shown whose right and whose wrong
one thing is sure, your god is done
the end of time and your fun
prophesied in this song
I got the stone, I'm not alone
is time to build a Home
for the Name of the Father and Son
replace the don of this aeon
and take the rest to Sion
sit on the throne,
call me Guidon,
kill the whore and the beast that she sits on
run the race with haste
to chase what you don't wanna face
embrace it and disappear in the haze
after I blaze this place

Canis Major
the label that'll win sooner or later
Canis Major
no matter where you standing, this is better
Canis Major
every hater shall recognise the greater
Canis Major
the movie is coming soon, this is the trailer

3er Verso
Vengo marchando con mi bando
La guerra esta empezando
Contra poderes en las alturas peleando
Enseñando del fin,
anunciando lo que esta pasando
El mundo se esta acabando
Sobre este ejercito puesto al mando
(Canis Major)
Una armada contra la cual no pueden hacer nada
armada con la espada, no pararan la estocada
Enviada para la ultima batalla
La ultima jugada
Es el ultimo round que suene la campana
Sana doctrina les damos, quemamos la errada
Con la verdad dada
arrebato la luz cargada
dejar a la iglesia falsa despojada
Guerrilla preparada,
por Abba entrenada para despertar la manada
Traer luz a la cegada, el Camino a la que cojeaba
Con la verdad equipada (Yahushúa)
la mentira quedara atrapada
El mundo se encuentra en una encrucijada
Que van a hacer cuando se vean de bajada
Al fuego su nueva morada
El tiempo se acaba no es vara
No les miento pueden verlo en mi cara
Esto es en serio no invento
Sino que como Jonas aviso e intento
Que encuentren arrepentimiento
en vez buscan poner a Satanas contento
Así que venimos con esto matándolo lento
Empezando el incendio, mandarlo al infierno
En el Nombre del que nos dio la autoridad que esta en el Cielo
sus enemigos enviarlos al suelo
a la ramera ponerla en duelo
Para siempre con velo
Todo esto hecho por el celo
Si no lo entienden léalo y vea lo que les declaro
El malo pronto será derrocado
El mundo engañado al ser derribado
Confundidos pensando que siguen al que han esperado
Enfadado, culminara el pecado
El misterio será revelado, Lo oculto alumbrado
El Rey coronado, Espero estén preparados
El fin ha empezado