He’s by my side
All of the Time
He’s by my side
All of the Time
With me

1st Verse
Ever since I was in my mother’s womb
I have never spent a moment alone
My Creator has been next to me all along
He got me here
so I’m writing this song
He’s been my Mighty One
From the day that I was born
And He shall be forever more
He formed me and gave me breath
No matter what the doctor said
I had all the health
And it’s been so until this day
There’s not a thing for me to complain
All evil and pain that I experienced
Was for acting insane
Just a consequence
for not obeying
What Yahweh commanded us to be ok
I understand now and I’m ok
He has straighten my path
Showed me His Way
Then revealed who is “God”
Titles and names people say
Repercussions and rewards
The way He will pay
To avoid the coming Wrath
Call out His Name
Is as logical as math
wouldn’t you say?
But people’s ignorance is sad,
It will get them a bath
In the winepress of my Dad.

Chorus x2
He’s by my side
All of the Time
He’s by my side
All of the Time
With me

2nd Verse
Through every trial and tribulation
He’s been there without hesitation
I gave my heart for His habitation
He came right in bringing salvation
Through His Son’s death and resurrection
Praised be His Name with no exemptions
That is the right Name
or else you need correction
He strictly told us in Exodus (23:13)
not to mention
The Name of false mighty ones
It’s abomination
Ignorance is the world’s infection
And for that
destruction is coming the Earth’s direction
to hit the population
Tell me
are you prepared for the invasion?
Approaching every nation
For that I was sent to this dimension
To make you aware of the current situation
Only one can give redemption
My motivation.

Chorus x2
He’s by my side
All of the Time
He’s by my side
All of the Time
With me

3rd Verse
I live today
only because of Mercy
from the Almighty
Who sent his son to die for me
shed all His blood on a tree
to set the whole world free and for free
all you gotta do is believe
in your heart to be justify
try, if you don’t want to fry
repent for what you have done and said
then confess His Name to be save
(Rom 10:10)
Name which is above every Name
that’s what the Scriptures say
(Phil 2:9)
but some how the Church lost it along the way
not understanding that his Name
is the only way
unless it is with death that you wanna pay
remember is not only by faith
(James 2:17)
without it, how will you pray?
what will you say
to call attention your way?
Ok, then tell me do you even know
who you call when you do it your way?
Anyway, how will you comprehend
what the Bible says?
Most of you are asleep
and soon is the test
in which Yahweh
will only save a few called the rest
and take us to rest
right in His nest
with no unwanted guest
that’ll be the best