By Conquest or Consent

Koresh | כורש
One [אחד] Uno
Instrumental by Chuki

On February 17, 1950,
James Paul Warburg,
a member of
the Council on Foreign Relations
declared to the United States Senate:
“We shall have a World Government,
whether or not we like it.
The only question is
whether World Government
will be achieved
by Conquest or Consent.”

1º Verse
By Conquest or Consent
the quest of those in contempt
after the test
shall be condemned
the damned
you know you ain’t innocent
you’re full of it, it’s in your scent
children of the serpent
It’s evident
your Envy, heavy weight
look at the hole where your guts should be
I won’t be silent
while you think that I’m violent
an urgent message I’m writing
your teachers, leaders
and preachers are lying
you don’t know what you’re buying
in too deep
the sleep of the sheep
the judgment is imminent
so keep on listening and when is happening
don’t think it is an accident
and end up blaming my accent
my acts will be permanent when I’m absent
The wicked one will present himself
during a big event
bringing torment
Not with a trident but he’ll be a tyrant
the advent in descent
of him who will desolate
won’t be late, cause he knows it’s late
the world will take the bait with no debate
for rejecting the word, that’s the fate
those who hear will recognize the gate
which the fake won’t locate
cause they won’t walk by faith
they walk by hate
I made the choice to go the right way
with the Light
although not a Light Weight.

Chorus x2
This world is sick
So I’m gonna stick around
till I either heal it or kill it
Feel it???

2º Verse
By conquest or consent
The NWO is hellbent
and won’t Relent
I’mma turn the tables on this haters
thieves acting as saviors
I’m here to check your labors
supervise the nations
who shall reject my observations
but is my obligation
even if it means the termination
of my time in this dimension
I don’t mind
did I mention?
my relation to the One who made Creation
simply means that dying will be a celebration
for the world
but mainly for my own destination
at the resurrection
will begin the rejection
of those who were in rebellion
bringing destruction
through deception
as the Abomination of Desolation
presented as the Salvation
for a World in Starvation
manifesting instead world domination
and a mark
to control every person and nation
the New World Order
under the Cover of Satan its lover
birthing the Destroyer, Abaddon
the Ab and Adon of every Mason.

Chorus x2
This world is sick
So I’m gonna stick around
till I either heal it or kill it
Feel it???

3º Verse
By conquest or consent
if you question:
why I was sent?

to get the Rest
pass them to the land
and present your future end
in Time you’ll UnderStand
and then confusion will set in
coming conquering and to conquer
gathering the Natsarim for Elohim
covered by the Kerubim
to get rid of the Nephilim
Anakim and Rephaim
the Days of Lot are here again
A lot of fire about to descend
during the end
the eviction has been sent
for those who are not of this plane
controlling it, yet only paying rent
I represent your end
Time’s over, you comprehend?
the hand will no longer turn
thanks to CERN
your turn to be thrown
in the Oven (Kor) of Fire (Esh) and burn
a shower about to fall on the kids of the liar
I’m David your Goliath
I told you that I’m here to start the riot
stir the fire
for this I was hired
not even dead I’ll retire
while your share will be sour
the hour for your last request
diga ¿Cuál es?
your reality is changing
Jonny Quest
and you ain’t getting this, like a test
hear and rest, here’s the Best
the last one standing at the end of this quest
too late for you to regress
With no button to click refresh…

Chorus x2
This world is sick
So I’m gonna stick around
till I either heal it or kill it
Feel it???

I’mma turn the tables on these haters
(Feel it???)
I’mma turn the tables on these haters
(Feel it???)
Chuki on the Beat
I’mma turn the tables on these haters
(Feel it???)
Canis Major Army
I’mma turn the tables on these haters
(Feel it???)