Times are hard
World peace is far
It will come,
But through fear and a lot of war
This is 2 Sirius
The Dogg Star
I’m talking to you
No matter where or who you are

1st Verse
Is late, is getting dark
People have been losing sight
You need a light to walk at night
Or else find a place to hide
You gotta shine inside
You’ll find yourself on the other side
With the fools instead of the wise
As lacking eyes to see the prize
And realize what’s the way to avoid demise
The way of the Father Yahweh
Yet the farther away you go towards the pay
Will make it harder to see reality
Falling as prey of a system of hate
You better pray
Faith in the way is the only way
No money or machinery
can save you on the day of misery
Coming to thee simply because of destiny
You sowed iniquity
So don’t expect to reap the purity to reach eternity
At least not as how you expect it to be
Forever in confusion for following an illusion
Pay attention to every word you hear me mention
Not only here but any cd or recording session
Is what I use to reach your senses
Breaking through cultural fences
For you to see through lies as with spiritual lenses

Chorus x2
This is 2 Sirius
The truth is dangerous
Times are getting Serious
Only one will be victorious

2nd Verse
Sirius, the truth is dangerous
In a merciless world of avarice
Destined for the abyss
Will you see the bow coming to conquer?
Or like everyone else you’re in a slumber?
Not much longer
And another rider bringing war shall appear
To fill the hearts of the masses with fear
For he shall be severe
Matter fact it isn’t near, it’s already here
To him, many of the world shall adhere
Not only the people but also every leader
And that’s just the beginning
After him, shall come another galloping
Hunger and pestilence, what he shall bring
Here the market will sink
Every currency will see an end
When they tie them all together to a chip in your hand
I won’t have a part in that trend
Obama was elected again
I mean selected again!
Like Roosevelt said it, my friend
They’re all in this together following a sorcerer
To control the PL∆NE† through many disasters
Not only war or the economy
They also control the weather, see
Through the H double A R P
Google it and understand who’s the enemy

Chorus x4
This is 2 Sirius
The truth is dangerous
Times are getting Serious
Only one will be victorious

3rd Verse
Messiah is the Head
The one who was raised from the dead
Stop acting like you’ve gone deaf
Everybody knows about the one who defeated death
Who loved you more than himself
So much so that He gave Himself
In order for you to be saved
So we should all behave
The church is His body
Each and everybody following what He embodied
But really following not just hollering and jumping
Without learning a thing
The real church is the gathering, held by our Sovereign
Not just any other sheep claiming a part in the herd
If you’re in the middle of many
I can tell you ain’t there
Yeah I said what you heard
Have you ever heard?
Many are called
But only Few will be those whom He will choose
The others will lose
You with us or those immersed in spiritual booze
Spiritual fornication
Idolatry is now in every single temple
That’s why the world will tremble
The Army is already assembled
Canis Major the label