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Scripture Teachings [Entire Chapters]

Join us every Tuesday virtually in the Congregation: 'The Way of YHWH', to study the New Covenant (New Testament), through the Spirit of Truth, to discern the true doctrine.

Get to know the importance of the original language (Hebrew), to discover new revelations and understand in a more concrete way the invisible reality, with clear explanations and at different levels of depth, when interpreting both the historical and the prophetic aspect, to understand the relevance of the Scriptures in our times, the last days.

Learn about the Almighty Creator and his Son, the Messiah, according to what the Scripture says inspired by his Spirit, not according to commandments of men and doctrines of demons which is what the world has to offer.

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My Rock & My Fortress - SoulYah & Koresh
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My Rock & My Fortress - SoulYah & Koresh

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